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Gabriel made a show called Jack of Cups. Here are words about it:
“The Remembrance Festival Planning Committee invites you to commune with a humanity broken and reborn in JACK OF CUPS.
Many years from now — long after The Wave That Eats The World — a stranger, queerer, more loving world has sprouted from the sodden rubble and ruins: a world called Mother Ocean. Once a year, the many communities of this new world become one by making the perilous pilgrimage to a barren island for the Remembrance Festival. Amidst the food and drink and games, the sharing of knowledge and the telling of Big Stories, the people of Mother Ocean are visited by a mysterious and legendary wanderer who comes to tell the biggest Big Story they have: their post-apocalyptic creation myth.”

Gabriel is a member of radical queer feminist art collaborative Experimental Bitch Presents. This year, Jack was chosen as the mainstage production for EBP’s first official season.
Alongside co-director/fellow EBP member Madeline Wall and a team of dedicated talented passionate weirdos, Gabriel developed a brand new version of the show.

This incarnation had its WORLD PREMIERE at The Flea Theater this May and June.

Here are some nice things people said about it:

"Laurie Anderson took me to see Jack of Cups for her birthday yesterday—neither of us had much of a clue about what it was going to be. It turned out to be one of the most haunting amazing beautiful scary things either of us had seen for ages."
”It’s truly the first work of art I’ve seen that really, really gets to grips with the actual vastness and intensity of what is happening.”

- Timothy Morton, philosopher, author, professor

"This gorgeous, inventive production was a rare thing: a climate apocalypse myth that stirred feelings of optimism for our planet."
- Emily Hewitt, photographer

"But the importance of “Jack of Cups,” and why audiences should watch it, is how it pushes viewers away from being complacent [. . .] It’s a reminder that everyone can take steps toward creating a better and cleaner world."
- Alejandra O'Connell-Domenech, The Villager

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