About This Person

Gabriel Rodriguez is an actor, writer, storyteller, theatermaker, teacher, performance artist, and witch. Gabriel is a creature. They want you to remember you are made of dirt and water and sunlight and seed. They want to make art that is nourishment.

Gabriel’s first love as an artist is theater, particularly devised theater. Their work integrates theater’s ancient origins as communal spiritual ritual with a faithful commitment to the manifestation of a better and queerer future, all while remaining deeply rooted in the living context of the present moment.

As an artistic practitioner, Gabriel is most fully embedded in the psycho-physical-spiritual performance technique developed by legendary actor and theater teacher Michael Chekhov. The Chekhov work offers a holistic, energizing, easeful environment through which the performer is invited to embrace and align with all parts of themselves, waking up their creative individuality and turning their free imagination into a lifelong friend. Gabriel has trained and collaborated with some of the world’s foremost masters in the Chekhov work, most fruitfully at The Michael Chekhov School in Hudson, NY. Gabriel teaches the Chekhov technique, both in private sessions and public workshops. Recent workshops include “Living in the Questions” at Michael Chekhov Acting Studio and “Imaginary Body” at Daya Yoga Studio.

Gabriel has also trained and collaborated with a wide array of meditation teachers, energy healers, and shamans, forever developing their vision of artmaking as spiritual practice. They are Reiki I-certified, and hold a 100-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher certification from Daya Yoga in Brooklyn. Gabriel teaches meditation, both in private sessions and through their monthly Meditation Club. You can find out more about Meditation Club through their newsletter.

Gabriel is a proud member of radical queer feminist art collaborative Experimental Bitch Presents. Gabriel’s solo play Jack of Cups was the mainstage production of EBP’s 2019 season.

Gabriel has a monthly newsletter about their activities, as well as other stuff (spiritual stuff, queer stuff, nerd stuff, and more), which you can subscribe to here: gabrod.com/log

Pictures by Karen Santos. Except the one with swan friend, which is by Allison Lee Relihan.

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